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Comprehensive Trauma Consortium, is the brainchild of Dr. N.K. Venkataramana, which is a first of its kind NGO movement in India for Pre-Hospital Care, established in the year 2000.
Dr. N.K Venkataramana is the managing trustee of the organization, who leads with passion and dedication motivating the team to be committed to save lives.
The Management comprises of qualified and experienced professionals from diverse domains, including Medical, Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Media, legal and management, adding enormous value to constantly enhance the service levels to reduce pre-hospital deaths due to trauma and create a sense of belonging towards the society. Through active participation and constancy of purpose, the management team has succeeded to expand the consortium to replicate the services in other cities and on the highways deal every situation with care and compassion.

After 7 years of commencement of services Comprehensive Trauma Consortium has been acclaimed to be the fastest developing pioneering NGO in the country, expanding the voluntary non-profit services to other cities, highways and surrounding nearby towns & villages. These achievements simply denote a sense of responsibility to the society, with the measure of success being exemplified by the growing fraternity of good Samaritans and incessant phone calls, leading to the timely rescues.

44,000 Free Rescues (Reduction of death rate from 32% to less than 3%)

Establishment of 1062 - DEDICATED EMERGENCY HELPLINE - 24 hours x 365 days

Dedicated control room rendering professional services 24 hrs x 365 days

45 Dedicated state-of-the-art Ambulances strategically located to rescue the victims in the shortest     possible time

45 Accredited Hospitals

Dedicated Wireless communication between Ambulances & control room

Introduced Global Position systems in the Ambulances for tracking & speeding the rescue     time.

15 Air-Ambulance rescues from locations in Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh

Rendered FREE Paramedic Training and recruited them as Paramedics providing employment to the     service-oriented youth

Rendered FREE first-aid training for thousands of people to be good Samaritans, including The Police,     Fire Brigade, Security Personnel, Senior Citizens etc.,

Rendered FREE First-aid training for thousands of school children and school teachers

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