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Emergency Response Training

Understanding the essentiality of qualified paramedic in the emergency situations, CTC has standardized the system by recruiting youths who intend to serve the needy and enabling them to render qualified professional service through an extensive Emergency Response Training program.

Under this program anyone who is 16 years of age with a willingness to serve and with minimal language skills is recruited and trained extensively to cater to any accident or medical emergency.

The service-oriented attitude is the most important criterion for any individual to become a qualified paramedic and we at CTC will take utmost interest to ensure that every candidate is groomed to render quality service without any inhibitions.

This attitude has led to the successful rescual of more than thousand lives and reduction of Pre-hospital death rate to less than 4% in less than 5 years.

We owe this success to every paramedic who has dedicated their life to this noble cause and ensured that the needy get the required attention and care without a hitch.

To join such a program or to recommend this to your friend just click on the link below to enroll for a Emergency Response Training program and be a good Samaritan in the need-of-the-hour.

Enroll for a Emergency Response Training program and be a good Samaritan!

If you wish to join us and become a professional paramedic, you stand to benefit from the dual advantage of a qualified professional training program that entitles you for a qualified job, enabling livelihood with the utmost satisfaction.

If you have the passion to serve just click on the link below and enroll yourself for the training program.

Enroll now to be a professional paramedic!

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