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In our constant endeavour to improve the quality standard of services resulting in further reduction of Pre-Hospital death rate and improved quality of life for humankind, our R&D team works incessantly to develop fool-proof systems & processes to assure high rate of efficiency while dealing with life critical missions as well as operational issues for the whole gamut of emergency medical services. This is again another 'first of its kind' where innovation through research has also enthused us to advocate the benefits of these new concepts that could be deployed across other civil/defence and Governmental applications. One such innovation is worth mentioning.

The traffic hazards of Bangalore City has posed enough and more challenges not only to the common man but also to an NGO with a service motto that aims at reaching the needy in emergency situations within the Golden Hour and rendering the necessary service on time to ensure better quality of life post-trauma. One bane faced is the lack of awareness about ambulance privileges amongst the public and also the authorities concerned. This problematic situation has led us to work our creative brains to innovate a simple and cost-effective system that facilitates ease of ambulance movement at the traffic intersections, whereby an LED panel highlights the approach of an Ambulance in a rescue operation suggesting the passengers and pedestrians at the intersection give way to the ambulance, simultaneously ensuring the other sides of the traffic intersection stop to allow the ambulance to proceed without stopping.

The LED signal highlighting 'AMBULANCE' & 'STOP' according to the need is complimented by a siren to get the attention of the people and allow ease of operations even when unmanned by a traffic police.
This unique system is developed and supported by Embed Technologies, a Bangalore based company specializing in embedded applications and solutions. If you wish to replicate this in your city or locality/ sponsor a system/refer this to someone who would be interested in this initiative, kindly click on the link below.

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