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Highway Trauma Care

Through a series of surveys and statistical studies CTC has been convinced of the need to extend the trauma care service to the highways, as there is absolutely no social or medical help that can support a victim during an emergency in the highways or remote locations.

Owing to the increasing development in infrastructure, vehicle population, lack of traffic discipline, the number of accidents/emergencies on the highways have increased to an alarming rate.

To support the immediate need to save precious lives in these highways, CTC has developed a working model to render trauma care services with emphasis on highways emerging from Bangalore city.

Bangalore - Mysore: (click on the link to view the details)

CTC Sanjeevini was implemented on Bangalore-Mysore highway in Jan'2005 through a dedicated network of strategically located ambulances on the highway.

5 fully equipped ambulances have been stationed at every 30 KMs along the highway, with trained paramedics, wireless & GPS equipments for communication and tracking respectively.

First-aid centers have been established in all the Bharath Petroleum outlets along the highway and their respective staff trained to administer first-aid and communicate to the CTC control room for escalation.

A solar-powered first-aid center has been established at Kumblegodu (accident prone zone) about 45Kms from Bangalore that facilitates resuscitation and communication during emergencies round-the-clock.

This service was implemented in Jan'2005 and benefited a number of people. Refer the HOME page for latest statistics.

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